You might be wondering why this is a contest instead of a challenge.  Truth be told, I was a little bit scared to do a 100-baby challenge.  That's a lot of babies... and toddlers.. and kids that want you to read them to sleep while you're trying to take care of those babies and toddlers!

SO! I decided I would have TWO moms completing this challenge.  Even better, TWINS - one would be Family-Oriented & one would be Flirty.  Dysfunctional sisters Shannon & Teagan MacAnna seemed perfect for the job!  We would see who winds up with 50 babies first!  (Or dies trying...)
And thus, my 100 Baby CONTEST was born!  The sister who finishes raising her 50th child (to adulthood) wins the challenge!

I relied heavily on the rules from Cadience Sierra & the MTS Challenge thread!    I settled on the following:

Every father has to be different. (Both sisters can date him, but he can only have a baby with one)
The moms cannot marry or move-in any of the fathers.
No cheats allowed! (This is going to be soooo hard!)
You can use all of the Moms' Lifetime Rewards! 
No babysitters, not even for hospital deliveries!  One of the moms' must stay with the kids! 
No extra help, like maids, repairmen, etc.
Adults cannot get a job.  They can make money by playing guitar, painting, gardening, fishing, writing novels, etc.
Children & Teenagers can help supplement the moms' income by painting, fishing, etc.
Play on EPIC lifespan
Story progression on.
Random Traits!
Each mom must teach their own children to walk, talk & use the potty.
Babies can be aged up whenever convenient.
Toddlers can be aged up after they learn to walk, talk & use the potty.
Children can be aged up after they successfully get on the Kids Honor Roll!
Teens can be aged up after they successfully get on the Teen Honor Roll!
Once they become a Young Adult, they must move out!
Everyone can complete any Opportunities that happen to come up!

Awesomemod, allowoverstuffedhouses 
Shimrods, AskIfSinglesFriendly
Werismyki, PutAwayLeftoversAutonomously
Claudiasharon, CsNoAutoPresideOverRoyalCourt (I just got this one, we'll see if it works!)
Claudiasharon, CsNoAutoReadtoSleep (I just got this one, we'll see if it works!)
NRaas, ErrorTrap & Overwatch
Pokeytax_NoFullMoonLightingEffect (I play without Zombies.)

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