Friday, May 26, 2017

Chapter 49 - Just Another Prom...

Shannon, counting as she moved babies to the nursery:  9 babies & 4 toddlers. That's a lot of cribs!
Shannon, calling to the teens: Grab a kid and move 'em in here!
And now a nice, big, open kids room.
Foxglove, frowning: But now there aren't any doors?
Callum, wincing: No doors?! Our ears will bleed?!

Shannon quickly installed archways to separate the rooms.
Foxglove: Thank you.

What? Prom again? ALREADY?

I know they're trying to sleep, but wake those kiddos up!
Aw, they look so pretty in their nice formalwear.

Umm... Erasmus?

(And is anyone surprised the new dollhouse is destroyed?)

Dahlia, leading the charge: Come on, let's go!

She was apparently very excited about going to the dance.
So excited that she ran straight over poor Caitlyn.
Daffodil: Are you okay Caitlyn?
Caitlyn, pausing:  Yeah, yeah I think I'm okay.
Daffodil: Um, Daisy? Do you mind moving out of our way? We want to get to prom...

Desdemona quickly grew tired of the party & headed home.
Wow.. ice cream.  Must've been some prom!

Teagan headed outside with Gargamel in hopes of teaching him to walk.  She was ready for these kids to age up!
Teagan, screaming fiercely: JOHN FALLON! DROP HIM!

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