Friday, May 26, 2017

Chapter 48 - The Botched Kidnapping

Wait? What?

Callum, groaning as he watched Caitlyn eat a jellyfish:  Sometimes it's so hard having a werewolf sister.

Caitlyn: What? It's good!

Ah, nothing like mother/daughter bonding time.
Foxglove, glaring: You threw that too hard!
Teagan shrugged:  Toughen up, buttercup.
Freddy Kruger: She pegged me in the head with a snowball earlier today.  She's mean!  I want to go live with Dad!

Oh believe me. You do not want to move in with the Mithrilens!

Desdemona took up the mantle, or the paintbrush as it were, and began helping the family make some money.
Teagan: That picture looked ridiculous. No wonder you only got $4

Sigh, this is a common feeling after having spoken to Teagan.

Teagan was ready to work on her next batch of babies.

But, apparently, SOMEONE wasn't cooperating.
Erasmus: Wasn't Martin coming over?

Teagan, scowling and dialing Martin's number:  Where the hell are you?!

The children grew to love the winter.  It allowed them a small sliver of privacy (and time away from wailing children).

Teagan, fuming: He took too long.  I was looking forward to igloo woohoo-y!

Teagan, pouting: I am mad at you!
Martin, embracing Teagan: I'm sorry. I got held up at work.

Teagan, sniffing delicately: Well, you smell!

Martin: That's because I was running from a pack of wolves on a heist.

Teagan: Alright, you can use my shower.
Don't just stare at him. Either join him and make a baby or leave him in peace. 

Teagan:  I just took a moment to appreciate his fine form before woohoo.

That's right Dahlia.  It's kind of crazy with all the babies.
Erasmus dealt with his rebellion by dying his hair.  He was tired of sharing the same hair color with his evil mother.

Erasmus, scaring Gargamel: I'm going to get you!"
Erasmus, seeing how scared his brother was: Don't worry little buddy. Nothing's going to happen to you.
Enter stage left, John Fallon swooping in and grabbing the kid.
Erasmus, freaking out and running away: HE'S TAKING GARGAMEL! HE'S TAKING GARGAMEL!
John Fallon, dropping the kid and hauling butt: Holy crap! I just wanted to see my son! 

He'd better not be thinking about filing for full-time custody!

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