Thursday, May 25, 2017

Chapter 47 - Pros & Cons

Shannon wondered exactly what percentage of her life was spent holding babies.

Table still not cleared.

Daffodil was having a hard time dealing with her emotions.  That doll house had it coming.

Apparently EVERYONE was having a hard time dealing with their emotions!

Caitlyn took awhile finishing her breakfast before ambling towards the school bus.
She thought she was home-free.
But apparently Teagan was in the mood to yell!
Caitlyn, shrugging: At least it was a really short rant

Guess going to the bathroom ranked higher than yelling at a poor, defenseless child.
Caitlyn: I'm going to get some sleep. Try not to cry, okay?

Every. Single. Time.
Repo Lady: I am getting sick of coming here.

Caitlyn took a hint from Edgar Allen and headed outside to get some shut eye.
Teagan took Hanibel outside to potty-train, then left him there.

Right, like those gloves are going to keep him warm.
Caitlyn: URG!

Bless your heart Shannon. Cleaning up after everyone is a labor of love! Especially with you so pregnant!

The moment the kids got home, they swarmed into the nursery.
There wasn't a happy camper in the house.

Way to go Hades!

(And now it's been so long, I have no clue what skills these poor kids need to age up!)

*Reviews Notes*

Nope.  No birthday yet!

Shannon:  I feel like there's something I should be concerned about.  Have we done a head count recently?

Oh crap.
Callum: Did you hear that noise?

Don't do it, Callum! Don't go outside!
Callum:  I hate aliens!

Shannon liked to be prepared for all eventualities, so she slept in her winter-wear.  The better to beat the cold on her way to delivery.
Shannon: You would think this would get easier time after time after time...
Welcome to the family Gallagher MacAnna. Brave & Loves Outdoors.
And of course, Griffin MacAnna.  Good & (uh oh) Stupid. 

Shannon tried really hard not to be disappointed.  At least she had +2 to her score!

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