Thursday, May 25, 2017

Chapter 46 - A Very Merry Snowflake Day!

She would never admit it outloud, but watching the horror show actually made Teagan miss her kids.
Teagan: It's Snow Flake Day! Get the hell over here and let's get free stuff!

Only the thought of free stuff would lead Cruella back through this door...
Everyone gathered upstairs in the living room.
(Except for clumsy Caitlyn...)
Erasmus: Down in front!

Foxglove: Bite me!

Children! It's Snow Flake Day! Be nice to each other!

Freddy Kruger: Who's going to go first?
Looks like it's Erasmus.  Looks like he got some mistletoe!

Erasmus: Whoopity Doo!
Desdemona got just what she was hoping for.

Desdemona: An artist's easel! It's perfect, Mom!
Diablo opened his present next. A snooze alarm.

Diablo: Very funny, Mom!

Teagan, seething:  Don't call me Mom!
Teagan got her gift.

Teagan: Oooo... a chess table.  That'll sell well!

Cruella:  You're not supposed to tell everyone you're going to pawn their gift. Jerk!

Teagan, shrugging:  Didn't want to lie.
Oh no! Edgar Allen passed out!
Diablo: Wait? What? No more presents?
Dahlia: WHAT? No more presents? That blows!
Diablo: At least I got my present already.
Teagan: Oh, way to go, kid! You ruined the gift giving party for everyone! GEEZ!
Edgar Allen, feeling embarrassed and harassed: Sorry!
Alasdair, randomly kissing each of his hulking pecks:  Look at these muscles!

Oh, I love your Kearney spawn. :)

Alaina and Abigaile find themselves reverting to old habits.

Alaina: I guess you never really get over a traumatic upbringing like that, do you?

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