Thursday, May 25, 2017

Chapter 45 - No Room in the Barn

 Daisy stopped in surprise when she saw her cousin Erasmus flat on the floor.
Daisy:  You still have to go to school, you know.

Shannon smiled smugly.  She had invited Dinny to stay the night before Teagan had butted in.  And even though they hadn't been able to try for a baby, he was still in HER bed.
Deciding he had slept enough, Shannon woke him up.

Shannon:  Wanna woohoo without protection?
Dinny woke up, blinking and confused.  Then it sunk in.  He was at the MacAnna sisters and they were intent on having him for a baby daddy.

Might as well get it over with.

Dinny: Have at it! 
 Shannon didn't need to be told twice!
Dinny waited a short amount of time to make sure Shannon was asleep, then grabbed his pants and hurried from the house.
 Down below, he heard babies wailing.  There is seriously no more room in this barn!
 Dinny: Get me outta here!

Too. Many. Kids!!
Teagan: Can we agree not to get pregnant for awhile? I need a break from the stinking babies!

Shannon: Er...
Apparently not.

Aw, thankfully Shannon missed poor... err... (checks baby name list)...  Hanibel.
Shannon: Sorry about that, sweetie!

Kids coming home from school.
Uh oh... this doesn't look good.
Hopefully everyone is okay!

At least this time, she got to the toilet on time!

It was pretty late when Shannon realized the triplets all got on the honor roll. Woo hoo!

Shannon: Wake up! Time to have your birthday party!
Daffodil: But it's 5 in the morning?

Shannon: Just do it!
Happy Birthday Daffodil!
Black Dahlia!
Daisy? What's wrong?
Daisy: I'm just feeling a little shy right now


Edgar Allen figured out the best place to go to sleep.  And it wasn't inside!

Seriously, one day we need to make this sink unbreakable!

Daisy sighed when she gazed at all the dirty dishes on the tables.  That was going to take a long time to clean...

Teagan was secretly hoping Dahlia swallowed a fly and choked.  That would mean one less kid for Shannon.

Some of the teens tried to help the toddlers skill up.
And the others were called in for nursery duty.

Foxglove: I'm so glad we're not teenagers yet.
Freddy Kruger: Tell me about it!

Shannon, patting her belly bump: Keep up the good work! We need Ernin & Eames to age up because there are baby's on board!! 

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