Friday, May 26, 2017

Chapter 51 - Here Zombie, Zombie, Zombie!

Daisy: Please, please, please don't be mad at me anymore.
Shannon: I'm sorry I was so hard on you.  I just want the best for you!
Daisy: Oh thank you mom!

Ernin & Eames celebrated their new childhood stage by going fishing at the river.

Teagan: So, I was wondering if your husband was home.

 Maeve, nodding as she gestured towards the door: Sure, he's inside.
Teagan: Sucker!
Martin, surprised: Teagan! What are you doing here?

Teagan, gesturing at her body: Do you see a belly bump anywhere? 

Poor Martin.  Maeve is not going to be very happy with him.

Teagan, shrugging: She wasn't that good of a friend, anyways.

Aw, school field trips at the local cemetery.  So educational & uplifting!

Back at home, Teagan stopped off at the mailbox to check the mail & pay the stupid bills.
Teagan: Holy crap! You know how much this tapestry will sell for? Ka-ching!

Do you even remember who gave it to you?

Teagan, shaking her head: Don't know. Don't care! We're rich!

Oh, this is going to be good.
Teagan, fending off Seamus' advances: I already told you. Just friends, pal.

Seamus: But, I'm the most powerful man in Dragon Valley!

Teagan, shrugging: Already had your babies.  Do you have any friends?
Teagan sets up camp outside and starts playing for tips.

Teagan: Best way to meet guys.
Later, Teagan hurried down the steps.

Teagan: Look, I already told you Adrien. that's weird. You're with Blaze.
Aiden, chasing after Teagan:  But I always had a thing for you, too!

Teagan, shaking her head: I might be evil, but even I draw the line somewhere!  *pause*  Maybe...

Aiden: But I'm one of the most powerful men in the world!

Back home, Diablo worked on teaching Griselda to talk.

Shannon: So how'd it go?

Teagan, racing upstairs: I don't want to talk about it!!

*sigh* Stupid sink.

Not really sure how poor, exhausted Gargamel got upstairs.  But nobody else seemed very concerned.

Oh look, Teagan was successful with Martin!  Shannon is going to be so disappointed.

Teagan: Come on, you little imp.  Learn to walk so we can have a party!

Not really sure why all the teens are so mad.  It's a fairly common occurrence, though.

Hey! Shannon just planted that!
Teagan:  This is a side of you I've never seen before, Teague.  I always knew you had it in you.
Teagan, waving Shannon's kid in the air:  Here, Zombie, Zombie, Zombie. Want to eat a nice, little baby?
Apparently even zombies don't like to hear babies cry.

Shannon: What were you doing outside?

Teagan, innocently: Oh, nothing!

Chapter 50 - Bad Wolfie! Bad!

Teagan: Come on, Garagamel.  You can do it!

Teagan: I could almost KISS you right now!

Um, Teagan, they're not ready to age yet. You still have to teach Griselda her toddler skills...

Teagan, muttering under her breath: Stinking twins...

At school, the kids streamed off the bus, driving the bus driver crazy.

Except, apparently, Caitlyn.

Well... and a few others...

A few (Daisy, Freddy Kruger & Diablo) headed into school late.
But others refused to go, just sitting outside the entire day.

Erasmus: What? I just wasn't in the mood.

John, seriously, you will never have custody!  What is your problem?!
Hades started crying loudly when the big, green-haired man tried to take his brother. 
John dropped the kid and hurried away, again.

Shannon headed outside when she heard the gaggle of teens getting off the bus.  She tapped her foot impatiently.
Shannon: Young lady! I heard from the school that you skipped!

Daisy, protesting: Wait! No! I was just late! I convinced Freddy Kruger to head to class!
Daisy sitting in the corner, pouting:  Diablo skipped, too!

TEAGAN! What are you doing?!
Teagan brought the newspaper down on Caitlyn. 

Teagan: Bad Wolfie! BAD!
Caitlyn growled.
Teagan gasped, snatching her hand back in surprise: You growled at me?!
Caitlyn, rubbing her head: What the heck, Auntie Teagan! What'd I ever do to you?

Teagan, shrugging:  I just felt like it

Not really sure what Caitlyn did to make Teagan so mad. Maybe it had something to do with her skipping school.

Teagan: She left fur in my bed.

Teagan frowned when she Freddy Kruger slipped into bed beside her. 

Teagan, poking his side: You'd better not pee the bed.

Callum and Ernin worked on their fun levels.  Nothing like watching some kids tv.
Callum: Come on, Ernin. Let's do this thing!

Abigaile chatted with her mother.
Oh look, we found a way for the kids to help take care of the babies!

Foxglove, startling: What? No! I wasn't helping!

Happy birthday Ernin!
Happy birthday Eanes!

Two down, 4 to go!