Thursday, July 21, 2016

Chapter 34 - An Unexpected Birthday!

 Shannon blew out a breath and glanced around the nursery...
She'd fed, diapered, and snuggled all the babies before laying them back down in the crib.

Now it was time to get some sleep!
 Or not.

After a hard day of learning & catching up with their schoolwork, the teens were ready to head home to help with the baby care.
Or not.


They're dropping like flies!

Brady somehow manages to pull himself together enough to go fix the school's broiler.  Because that's exactly what he should be doing when he's dirt-tired!

Brady: I'll be okay.  Really.  It'll be good for my school performance!

Back at home, Teagan was cracking down on the kids for walking around like zombies.

Teagan, glaring at Chaos: You stupid idiot! Go grab the crying baby and make it stop!

Chaos, mumbling under his breath: So tired... 

 Oops... there's 5.  Poor Alasdair didn't make it to bed.  The toddlers wore him out.
Somehow the kids managed to make it to bed in the middle of the night for at least a few hours of sleep.

Shannon happily finished teaching Daffodil to go potty on her own.

Shannon, sighing blissfully:  Now I only need to teach Daisy how to walk and talk!
You must be so proud, Shannon!

Not to be outdone, Teagan whisked Foxglove out to teach her how to potty.

Teagan: I can't wait until I don't have to change any more blasted diapers!
Feeling irritable, she headed inside and saw the innocent little Daffodil.

Teagan, dangling a lollipop in front of Daffodil:  You want it? You want the lollipop?

Teagan! Quit taunting the poor baby!
Teagan: Like stealing candy from a baby!
Feeling much better after tormenting her niece, Teagan turned to Foxglove and began teaching her to walk.  

Shannon, lifting Daisy from her crib:  Good morning, sunshine! 

Feeling slightly guilty, she ignored the three wailing toddlers.  They were Teagan's responsibility.  Shannon couldn't keep slacking in her childcare duties!
Shannon: Your children are crying for you. 

Teagan: Then give them a bottle.
Shannon: Teagan, it's your turn to take care of your toddlers.

Teagan, putting her hands on her hips and glaring:  Oh, for F$&# sake!

She stormed past Shannon to the nursery.
Shannon, glaring: Brats! All of you!
Shannon smiled as she sat down with Daisy and began teaching her to speak.

Shannon:  Your first lesson is not to listen to a word your Auntie Teagan says!

Chaos had a hard time getting his grades up.  The problem was that he was stupid.  Darn the silly trait!  If he wanted to graduate and get Cruella off his case, he would need to think outside the box.
 Like, catching a variety of butterflies for a grade increase!

Alasdair took upon himself to be the repairman around the house.  He kind of liked raising his mechanical skill.  And as many times as the blasted kitchen sink broke, he'd get to be a pro in no time!

Aw, Caitlynne is making a new friend, Liam Eames.

(Looks like his parents don't approve...)
I can't imagine whyever not...

Tired of never being able to leave a room because there was only one door, Shannon had both the nursery and the childrens' room replaced with swinging double doors.  Hopefully that cut down on all the pile-ups!

Abigaile headed to the art museum and decided to try some of their interactive exhibits.  Sort of a Create-Your-Own-Art initiative.
 Abigaile: A spectacular commode!
 Okay, maybe she should just enjoy others' artwork, instead.

 The family gathered in the front hall to have an impromptu discussion regarding the crying babies.
Cruella: I say we get rid of them all! 

Alasdair, shaking his head:  We can't do that. Maybe we should set up shifts.  There's enough of us teens that we can each take 2 hours shifts.

Cruella, hissed: I need my beauty sleep!
Aw crap, if sweet Breanna is ready to put kids out on the corner for sale, you know something seriously wrong.


Cruella hummed happily.  She'd slept so well last night!

She needed a fish for school.  She'd get on the honor roll for sure now!
Diablo snickered as he peered through the telescope, spying on the neighbors. 
 Brady developed a crush on Zoe Cromos and invited her out to the movies.

 And Alaina, well... she had a crazy mood swing and cut & dyed her hair.
And went shopping for a new outfit.

Alaina:  Now I'm rocking!

Teagan: What the heck is wrong with Griselda? 

It's her birthday!
Teagan: But, no toddlers aged up.  It's too early.

Can't stop time! 32 days as a baby is long enough!
Daisy: Sparkles! Pretty!
Teagan, fist pumping: Yes! Only 32 more days as a toddler and they'll age up all on their own without me teaching them a blessed thing!
Alaina:  It's actually 75 days as a toddler.  75 days as a child.  And 150 days as a teen.   

Teagan: Oh, shut it.

Alaina: I've only got 113 more days.
 Gargamel ages up a few hours later when he wakes up and is let out of the crib. 

Teagan knew that Alain was right.  75 days was a really long time to wait for a toddler to age up.  She might as well start working on teaching Freddy his skills.

Freddy: POOP!

Lovely job you're doing there, Teagan.
 As the older kids head off to school, Shannon hunts down Daisy to finish teaching her to walk.
Some of the younger children were busy playing with toys.
Fastforward a few hours.

Shannon: You DID it!
 Shannon: Yes! We're having a birthday party for the triplets! I'm so excited!
Shannon hugged her daughter fiercely.  She would beat Teagan yet!

Teagan zeroed in on Seamus O'Connell the second he walked in.  He laughed so heartily.  She was going to wear him down eventually!
In the kitchen, she was waylaid by her son, Blaze.

Teagan, giving Blaze the once over: What are you doing here? I thought you said you'd never come back!
Blaze, hissing: Watch your back! Atomic has plans...
Teagan: Oh please. You two dim-wits don't scare me.  I have more evil in my pinkie finger than you two could ever dream! 

Everyone's a critic.

Aw, Abigaile's girlfriend, Ciara Aeravir, brought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Ciara: For you!

(Incidentally, I looked her up & Ciara was a newspaper delivery girl!)

Shannon, attempting to break up the fight between Teagan and Blaze: It's time to blow out the birthday candles!
Shannon: Make a wish! 
Shannon placed Daffodil on the floor to let her age.  Robin Hooley came over and shared a secret.  She blushed and fanned her face.   He was definitely next on her list!
Daffodil MacAnna - Clumsy, Slob & Vehicle Enthusiast.  Loves classical music & the color green.  Lives for lobster thermidor. (Sorry kid, never going to happen)
Dahlia MacAnna - or should I say Black Dahlia.  She's a renegade.  She's a Couch Potato, Hot-headed, & Neurotic and loves Dark Wave music.  With a personality like that, it seems like she should've been born to Teagan!
Daisy MacAnna - Absent-Minded, Hates Outdoors, & Unlucky. (Oh goodness! Poor kiddo! She's also been affected by the lower lip lisp that her older sister Abigaile suffered from.) 

 Don't forget the babies!  Ernin MacAnna...
 and Eames MacAnna.

(I've decided I picked awful names for the poor E-twins!)