Monday, June 13, 2016

Chapter 32 - Girl's Gotta Go What a Girl's Gotta Do...

Because the family was ever in need of more money, Shannon was standing outside in the freezing temperature, creating genius artwork. 
Teagan was a little bit more forceful about getting money.   She just raided the kids backpacks and sold all their inventory.

Abigaile, complaining to Callum: That was my favorite rock collection. I can't believe she just sold it!

Callum: I know. She even sold my field trip souvenir! 

That was cold Teagan! All the kids are really upset about that!

Teagan: They'll get over it.
Meanwhile, Alasdair was desperately trying to fix the leaking sink.  With Atomic and Azriel gone, now he was the man around the house.

 Cruella played with her doll.  Black certainly seems to suit her.

Caitlynne grabbed up the plates littering the table.  This place was a pig sty!
Caitlynne:  ...and people think that werewolves are messy! Ha! They should come see this house!
Shannon felt the stirrings of life.  She smiled, absently running her hands over her belly.

Shannon, happily: I think I'm pregnant again!  

Well, I think there's a really good chance of that!
She hurried inside to share the good news.  The first child she ran into was Breanna. 

Shannon:  Breanna! I'm pregnant!

Breanna: Congratulations, Mom! That's great!

Apparently Breanna has forgotten how little sleep they get when there are newborns in the house.
Shannon, noticing Blaze sneaking away with one of her children: Hold it, mister! Where do you think you're going with Daisy?!

Blaze, straightening up with indignation: I was putting her to sleep!

Shannon, eyeing him distrustfully:  Alright, as long as you don't leave the property with her.

Apparently Blaze will never get over that time he left his newborn brother on the side of the road to get rid of him.

The kids entertained themselves with all the imaginary friend dolls that littered the floor.  Hopefully by the end of the challenge there are not 100 imaginary friends, as well! 
Growing bored, Cruella snuck up behind Caitlynne.

Cruella: BOO!
Alaina: I'm looking for a special type of elixir.  What do you have?
Alaina, gazing at the vampire potion: Oh, so tempting! But I should probably not use that. Besides, that invigorating potion might come in handy when I'm sleep-deprived!

Phew! Good thing she didn't go for the vampire elixir. 1) they don't have enough money to be blowing $1000 in one swoop & 2) can you picture Teagan as a vampire forever and ever.  Oi!

Back home, I was surprised to see all the children reading quietly in the kitchen.  What the heck? Why aren't they watching TV in there?
 Ah, that explains it.

Abigaile made waffles and made the mistake of calling the whole family.  The line formed out the door.   Sorry guys, that is not enough to feed everyone!
Shannon, rubbing her small baby bump: I'm pregnant. It's more important that I eat for the little one. I should go before you.

Teagan: Try it and die.

Extreme hunger made the family feral.

 The kids room has been invaded by munchkins!  Look how nicely they're all playing!
Caitlynne, grumpily:  Am I the only one that does dishes?

Shannon, I've never seen you freak out quite like that before.

Shannon: I was trying to sleep and he woke me up!

Poor Edgar Allen, there's not enough cribs in the house so he fell asleep on the floor with one last wail.

Alaina: Poor Edgar Allen? What about us? I'm exhausted and I just got to sleep!
And apparently there is a bed routing issue that needs to be addressed.  The kids kept trying to get in the top bunk bed by going outside.  
So toys came out of the room are were put in a little kid-zone by the stairs.
And a few extra bunk beds were added to the room.  Hopefully the kids can get a good nights' rest now!  They're going to need it!

Somehow Alaina wound up skipping school... while at school.  You can tell she was a little bored.

Finally, the day Blaze had been waiting for...
Blaze: I'm outta here! Suckers!
Without even stopping by to visit his mother, Blaze headed straight to Atomic's house.  His brother would let him come live with him!

Teagan, shrieking:  WHAT?! HE LEFT ME?! That brat was supposed to finish teaching Erasmus to talk! 

She was only slightly mollified when she heard that Chaos actually managed to get on the honor roll.

Teagan, with surprise: He's such a dummy, how'd he manage that?! 
She waited anxiously to see what report card Cruella got.

Teagan:  Why the hell I signed her up for an afterschool activity, I don't know!   
Teagan: GREAT! Get home now! You're having a birthday party!

Cruella: But I was going to clean the bug cage!

Teagan: Home. Now.  I'm not raising these babies on my own!
Teagan wasted no time arranging a party.  She kept the invitations to a minimum.  She only invited Seamus O'Connell over.  After cake, maybe they could play a little hanky-panky!  That would be such a feather in her cap!
Teagan: Come on, Cruella. Help me get this crap hold cleaned enough to put the birthday cakes.

Cruella: Okay, Mom.

Teagan:  Don't call me, Mom.  And remember, if the cake catches on fire: stop, drop and roll.

Teagan, offended:  So, Seamus sent you instead? 

Riley Cromos: Yes ma'am.  He said that I might find it an interesting experience.

Teagan: Drat the man! He must have known my plans!
The family slowly moseyed into the kitchen to watch Chaos and Cruella age up.  

Cruella aged up into a beautiful, if a little over-emotional, young lady!

Cruella, glaring at Abigaile as she blew a party horn in her ear:  Why did I have to be born into this family?  
Her brother, Chaos, grew up.

Cruella: You're still a dum-dum!

Chaos momentarily considered arguing with his sister, but truthfully - she scared him.  It was better to just ignore her.
Teagan, a little desperately: Seamus! Are you sure you didn't want to come over for the birthday party?

Seamus O'Connell: No, I really don't want to come over right now.

 In the midst of the chaos, Shannon went into labor.

Riley:  Someone get her to the hospital!

Shannon, waving dismissively: Oh don't worry. I can get there myself.  This is my 5th pregnancy!

Returning from the hospital, Shannon  was eager to show the twin boys off to their brothers and sisters.

Shannon:  This is Eames MacAnna...
Shannon, snuggling her other son:  And this is Ernin MacAnna.

Teagan, glancing over her shoulder:  I guess a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.
He wasn't her first choice, but she needed to get pregnant - STAT.  She presented Riley with a bouquet of red roses and made her move.
Thankfully, Riley was more than game.

Teagan:  13
Shannon: 12