Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Chapter 31 - Magic Time Machine

Teagan, impatiently: Would you hurry and walk already? 
In the livingroom, the teens worked with their siblings.

Blaze, whining: It's not fair! I have to do this all alone until Cruella & Chaos age up!
Chaos: I can't figure this problem out, Fiona. Can you help me? 

Fiona: Sure, which problem are you having problems with?

Chaos, biting his lip and passing his assignment over:  2 + 2 is... 5?

Oh plumbbob. He's never going to age up!
Needing some extra cash, Abigaile tried her hand at selling a painting.  She only got $13.
Shannon took her turn, creating a genius work of art that netted $331!  Only another 10 more paintings and you'll be able to build that nursery you've always dreamed of!

Shannon:  Oh plumbbob, I'm too tired to focus!
Little Breanna is a fairy with a whimsical streak.  She's been dying to play a fairy prank on her mean-old auntie for ages!

Breanna, giggling: Look up!
But, when Breanna threw the fairy dust, Teagan blew it back at the poor little girl.

Breanna, crying: Oh no! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!
Teagan, laughing evilly: Got you, you little stinker!
 Breanna felt the steam pouring from her ears.

Shannon: A date? Oh! That sounds wonderful!

Alaina: Mom! Breanna and Brady got on the Honor Roll, though! You were going to throw that party!

Shannon, quickly weighing the pros and cons: We'll celebrate tomorrow before school! It's not every day a handsome man that I haven't had a baby with calls me up for a date!

Alaina rolled her eyes.
Wow... Shannon traveled all the way to the ends of the earth for her date.
Now, she just needed to wait for Michael to show up.
In the meantime, she started to build an igloo.

Shannon: It might come in handy a little bit later.
Shannon, sighing: I wonder where he is...

Teagan: Get your crap together and teach Desdemona & the other D-toddler how to talk!  I'm ready for these babies to age up already!

Blaze: I'm working on it, Mother!

Teagan: Don't call me that! 

Blaze: Sorry... Teagan.

Michael? What are you doing walking to meet up with Shannon?!!
Oh plumbbob. This is going to take forever.
Crap! He got distracted!

One quick phone call later & Michael was reminded that he was supposed to meet Shannon at the lake.

Shannon: Whoa... this ice is slippery.

Shannon, I just saw fish jumping through the lake. I'm not sure if you should try ice skating there.
Shannon: Oh dear, this isn't quite what I had planned.
 Wading through the icy pond, she sloshed onto dry land.
Smoothing out her skirts, she positioned herself on the bridge and waited for Michael to arrive, trying to appear calm and composed.
Shannon: Michael! It's so wonderful to see you!
Michael: Sorry it took me so long to get here! I was a little delayed... Are you dripping with water?

Shannon, laughing:  You're here now! That's the important thing!
Since so much time had been wasted waiting for him, Shannon didn't wait much longer to make her move.  She pressed a sweet kiss to his lips.

Shannon: Would you like to woohoo? 

Michael, breathing heavy: Where? Your place? Mine?

Shannon, with a slight smile:  We actually have an igloo nearby.
 Michael took the lead and raced to the igloo, with Shannon right behind him.

Shannon, proudly: Yes, I would like to throw a birthday party for my brilliant children! Breanna and Brady have made Honor Roll!
The guests arrived to celebrate with the MacAnnas.  Brady went first.
Teagan: Come on Desdemona. You gotta learn to walk fast. We want to piggyback on this birthday party!
What a handsome teenager!
Breanna went next.
Aw, look at our little fairy!
Teagan, slinging a birthday cake on the table for her twins: Everyone slow your roll! We've got another birthday to celebrate! 

Desdemona: Happy Birthday to me!
Blaze proudly carried his brother to the kitchen to celebrate his birthday.  He'd worked damn hard teaching these kids how to talk and walk!
 Sweet little Desdemona.
And her quirky brother Diablo!

And since the toddlers aged up, the next set of babies got to age up!
Foxglove MacAnna...
 ..and brother Freddy Krueger MacAnna.
Alasdair hurriedly finished teaching Callum and then Caitlynne to use the restroom, the only skill they were lacking.
Alasdair, hurrying into the kitchen:  One more rounds of birthdays!

Shannon: You're wonderful, sweetheart! 
Caitlynne MacAnna...
...and her brother Callum!

Which meant that the triplets got to age up, as well.

Teagan: But Gargamel and Griselda were born before those stinking brats! They can't be older!

Sorry, Teagan's. Them's the rules! As soon as Foxglove and Freddy Krueger are children, then Gargamel and Griselda can age up.
 Dahlia MacAnna...
Daffodil MacAnna...
 and Daisy MacAnna!

Blaze: Oh! I just love your costume! It looks so realistic!
Blaze: Err... Teague? Err... is that...
Blaze, screaming with a piercing pitch:  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Zombies, recoiling at the high pitch:  Arrrrrrrrrghhh!

Teagan:  13
Shannon: 10