Sunday, February 28, 2016

Chapter 30 - Fresh Meat

Teagan! You're in labor! Get to the hospital!

Teagan: No. I'm going to deliver at home.


Teagan: Because I like the attention.
Aw, look at your cute newborn son!

Teagan: I'll name him Gargamel.

You had a daughter, right?

Teagan: I think so.

Where'd she go?!

Teagan, looking around the room:  Who knows. There's too many kids in this house!

Atomic: Tell us something we didn't know.
Abigaile, muttering irritably: The least she could do is say 'thank you' once in awhile.

Oh! Thank goodness! There's the newborn girl!  Sweet little Griselda MacAnna.

Deciding it was time for a few of the newborns to age up, Teagan threw a party. Not a birthday party like any normal mother... a costume party...

Teagan: What?! It'll be more fun and entertaining!

She would be dressed as the rocker zombie...
First up, Erasmus MacAnna. 

Next, little Edgar Allen MacAnna.

Aw, he's the spitting image of his dad - Breandan O'Shea.

Teagan: Hopefully he's not a goody-two-shoes like his Dad.

Teagan attempts to convince Teague McMillan to have her baby.  That hair - that skin! He'd be perfect for this challenge!

(I've since looked and found out that both Teague and Adrian Black are more interested in males.  Hence the constant turn-downs. Ahhhh... it all makes sense now!  I really want Teague as a baby daddy in my game, though.  If anyone has tips on how to make that happen - let me know! ;) )

 Then comes little Caitlynne MacAnna's birthday.
Teague: It's so blasted loud in here! How do you stand all that crying?

Teagan, shrugging: You get used to it.

While Caitlynne laid on the floor waiting to age up, we moved on to her twin brother, Callum's birthday.
Oh for the love of...

Alasdair: Don't worry! I've got it under control!

Thank goodness Alasdair is so brave!

 and Caitlynne.

Upstairs, using the restroom for the millionth time that night, Shannon realized that she was pregnant.

Shannon, tearing up a little:  You don't know how happy I am right now!  It's like a dream come true! I've been trying so hard!

The next day after school, Atomic stomped outside to find his mother.  He was riding an eurphoric high.  He'd just gotten his report card from school and stolen Azriel's.
Atomic, confronting his spawner:  I am done with you! I'm done with this house! I'm done with your babies! DONE! I will never darken your doorstep again!
Teagan, glaring: Then go already!  Who said we needed you?!

Shannon: Azriel! You got on the Honor Roll! Happy Birthday!  I'm so proud of you!

Glancing behind him, she saw his girlfriend, Sophie Dwyer. 

Shannon: Sophie? You too?

Sophie, smiling shyly: I go where Azriel goes.
Azriel, pulling Sophie into his arms: I love you Sophie.

Sophie: I love you, too.
Atomic, growing impatient: I'm out here waiting to age up, guys! 

Atomic was alittle miffed that he'd been the first to select the Age Up transition, but he was the last to actually age up.

Atomic, offended: Where's my Spawner?  She didn't even stick around for my big finish! 

Both new young adults fled the house as fast as they could.

So Teagan threw a party to celebrate. Yes, celebrate her children moving out of the house.
Shannon, grinning when she saw the strange male walk through the door: Oh, fresh meat!

Man with the hat: What was that?

Shannon, embarrassed:  Oh! Er. Looks like tasty meat!  *head smack*  I'm sorry. You can put that in the kitchen.

Man with the hat, giving Shannon a weird look: Umm... okay...
Shannon lit up when she saw Dermot Cullen walk through the door.  Someone else she could potentially date after her pregnancy was over.

Shannon: Dermot! I haven't seen you in ages! How have you been?

Dermot: Good. I hear your Baby Contest is going well.

Shannon, nodding: It has been. I'm pregnant!

Dermot: Congratulations!

Outside, Teagan strummed the guitar, scowling as her guests just stood around tapping their feet in time to the music.

Teagan: Tip me!

Martin Eames was the first to toss in some change.

Teagan, acidly: $15? Cheapskate.

At the end of the party, she rooted through her tips and frowned. She'd only made $208.

Teagan: Do they know how much formula costs these days?!

Alasdair wiped his brow as he fed yet another toddler a bottle.  There were so many of them! And they cried all the time!
And the babies! No one could get a good night's rest anymore!

Cruella: I hate babies!

Breanna, nodding her head: Me too.  

See? The babies crying even brought Breanna and Cruella into agreement!

Shannon: Oh no, I think my water just broke.

Teagan: You just got amniotic fluid on my foot! Jerk!
Hoping to keep the rest of her family from panicking, Shannon headed to the hospital.  She was thankful that Bradan met her there and held her hand.

She hoped he wasn't becoming too attached to her.
Bradan, eagerly: So, let me meet my sons!

Shannon: Well, here's Daisy...
Shannon: And there's Daffodil and little Dahlia in my arms.

Bradan, mouth hanging open in shock:  All girls? 

Shannon, nodding sweetly:  Yes, all sweet little girls.

Teagan:  13
Shannon: 10

Chapter 29 - Ending on a high note...

Alaina was very interested in Aiden O'Connell.  He had a good, strong Irish name.  When he finished hanging out with Blaze, she waylaid him in the entry.

Alaina:  Maybe we could get together some time

Aiden, shrugging: Sure, maybe...
 Alaina sighed dreamily.  Her first crush!
Birthdays in the MacAnna household tended to be hard on the kitchen.

After breakfast, Shannon pulled out sheets of paper and began writing love letters.  Perhaps this would help her in her dream of becoming pregnant again.
Alasdair frowned.  He was so tired of this challenge.  It upset him to see his mother with so many different men.

Chaos: Look, we don't have to hate each other just because our sisters hate each other, right?

Brady: Of course not!
Brady, whispering: Breanna thinks that Cruella is a witch!

Chaos, looking around for either girl: Cruella thinks Breanna is a dum-dum!

The boys giggled together.

Blaze had wanted to pull a prank to make Atomic proud.  He'd snuck into the school and attempted to steal all the tests.

This wasn't going to be pretty.
Blaze: I don't know why you're so mad! You like it when we do things like this!
Teagan: But you're not supposed to get caught doing it! You're grounded until you learn to skulk around better!

Unfortunately, it just so happened to be prom.   Blaze hoped he wouldn't be noticed in the mass exodus of teens loading into the limo.
Shannon: Have you seen Blaze? I thought you grounded him?

Teagan, surprised: He snuck out?!

Shannon: I know you're disappointed...

Teagan: The heck with that! He snuck out and got away with it! I'm so proud of him!

 Everyone knows that Atomic was head over heels for the lawless Nora!
 Whoops. Looks like Atomic jumped his cousin.
Ah. No wonder Aiden didn't pay attention to Alaina's flirtations.  I'm not even sure how this happened! Lol
Congratulations Alaina!

Teagan decided it was time to start working on getting pregnant again.   She called up the first male that she had the highest relationship with that she hadn't already birthed a child with.
Teagan: I'm so glad you could come over Tom.

John Fallon, pulling back in surprise: It's John.

Teagan: Oh, of course. John.  Would you like to come inside?
 Inside, Teagan practiced her wicked wiles on John.
Shannon, gasping with outrage: John! No! 

Apparently Shannon had felt she had a prior claim on John.  She felt utterly betrayed!

Teagan: You win some, you lose some!  Come on, Tom, let's go upstairs. 

John: It's John.
Shannon stormed outside to check the mail. Surely someone had responded to her love letter!
 She cringed when she saw the letter Robin sent.  Ouch.
She knew that Bradan MacGrath hadn't been very responsive to her attempts, but perhaps if she was just a little more patient...

Shannon: Hi Bradan, I was wondering if you wanted to come over...

Bradan: Oh, sorry, I'm not home right now.

Shannon, looking at his house:  I just saw you pass by the front window.

Bradan, sighing: I'll be right over.
 Shannon tapped her foot impatiently.
Bradan, with a wave: So, what did you need?

Shannon scoffed angrily, still upset about John's defection:  What do I need? A baby! That's what I need.
Bradan, turning on his heel:  Well, see you later!

Shannon, sighing heavily: I scared him away again, didn't I?

Maybe you shouldn't bring up babies in the first 5 seconds...

Meanwhile Teagan and John were about to try for a baby.

 Blaze: I tried Atomic. But, I bungled it.  I'm such a bungler burglar.
Atomic: Whatever, I can't wait to get out of this hell hole.  Tomorrow's Monday and I'm so going to be on that honor roll.

Shannon, calling Michael McCarthy:  Hi, I got your letter. It was so sweet. Do you want to come over?

Shannon, pulling out a bouquet of white roses from behind her back:  Here, I got these for you.  

Michael: They're beautiful! You shouldn't have!
Shannon led Michael inside with the hopes of luring him upstairs.

Shannon, yawning widely: I don't suppose you want to cuddle for a little bit? 

Teagan, snickering:  Sure, that's going to get you pregnant. Idiot.
Michael, covering his ears:  Oh my Plumbbob! It's loud in here! How many babies have you had anyways?! 

Shannon, quietly: Seven.  Only 43 to go...
Michael: I'm outta here!
Too exhausted to chase after him, Shannon headed upstairs to take a well-needed nap before she keeled over.
 Some members of the family weren't so lucky.

Alaina; I'm so tired. 

Shannon: Go rest then. You can take the night shift.

Alaina, sighing heavily: I don't want to take care of babies all my life!

Shannon: Oh, stop being so dramatic! Go take a nap, dear!

Atomic, glaring daggers at his twin: You didn't make the Honor Roll. Do you know how I know? I know because I'm still a teenager and living in this baby-infested hell hole!

Azriel, glaring right back: Do you think I like it any better than you do?  The only reason I didn't get Honor Roll is because I passed out in school! 

Atomic: $*&@!

Desdemona, happily: $*&@!

Once she was well-rested, Shannon attempted to woo Bradan again.  She held out a beautiful bouquet of white roses.

Braden, exclaiming happily: Oh! How romantic!
Shannon attempted to flirt with him, but was having no luck.

Bradan: I'm in a relationship with Enya. I think she would be jealous if I were to attempt having babies with you.
Shannon nibbled her lip. She was about to do something she swore she would never do. 

Shannon: Are you sure you should be dating someone so controlling like that?

Bradan, thinking it over: You know, you're probably right.  I should probably break up with her.  Boy is she going to be mad at you!

Shannon! I expected more from you than blatant manipulation & breaking up of relationships!

Shannon, whispering: Needs must... 
Shannon gave Bradan a peck on the lips.

Atomic, taunting: Kissy.. kissy.. kissy...
Shannon: Er, maybe we should go upstairs...

Bradan: After you, mi'lady.
Shannon prayed that once was enough to get pregnant.

Shannon hopped out of bed quickly, squeezing her legs shut to avoid having an accident.  She'd been eager to get Bradan into bed before he ran off, that she underestimated her bladder needs.
Bradan, shocked: Did you just pee yourself?

Shannon groaned with embarrassment.

Teagan:  11
Shannon: 7