Saturday, November 19, 2016

Chapter 44 - An Inability to Perform...

Shannon glanced around the room, trying to do a quick count of all the babies.

Shannon: I think we're missing one...

Teagan: Hopefully it's one of yours...

I suppose it was considerate of the paparazzi to attempt to comfort little Eames...

Now put him down!

Unconcerned about potentially missing children, Teagan heads into the kitchen to cook.

Foxglove, watching her mother with concern: Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Teagan: Shut it. I'm not going to start a fire!

Erasmus stepped from the shower at the gym.  Looking down he realized he was in his swimsuit.  How the heck had he gotten here? he thought with a slow blink.

(Seriously - I have no clue how Erasmus came to be at the gym. I've never had a Sim leave the house without permission before... maybe he was trying to run away...)

Despite the heavy snowfall,Caitlyn attempted to teach Eames to talk.
Thankfully Shannon took pity on the poor tyke & taught him to walk.

Knowing that Teagan now had 20 children while she only had 14, Shannon knew that she needed to get pregnant, desperately

Shannon: Good morning, Dinny! Would you like to come over and impregnate me?

Erasmus, frowning and waving his hands in front of his face:  UGH! TMI! Why do you have to TALK about it in front of us?!
Desdemona, raising an eyebrow at her little brother's response: Better get used to it.

Dinny arrived, smiling at Shannon in greeting.
Shannon fluttered her lashes and presented Dinny with a bouquet of white roses.

Shannon: I know I made a hash of it last time you came over.  But, I would love it if you would be my next baby daddy.
When Dinny grinned, she leaned forward and pressed a relatively chaste kiss upon his lips. 
Shannon, reaching for Dinny's hands: Would you like to go upstairs? 

Teagan, gasping & glaring daggers at her sister and Dinny: You dirty, rotten hussy!

Dinny, glancing guiltily behind Shannon towards Teagan: Uh...
Shannon, quietly, glancing over her shoulder with a tight frown:  Oh.  I see...
Cheeks flaming with embarrassment, Shannon scurried up the porch stairs away from Teagan and Dinny.

Dinny watched Shannon hurry away and sighed deeply. 
Teagan, with a husky voice: I have a perfect idea of what we could do this afternoon...

Not quite the activity I suspected Teagan would get up to with Dinny.  But, apparently their relationship had soured after she caught him flirting with Shannon.

Seeing the igloo gave her a wicked idea.
Teagan flirted, telling Dinny to follow her into the igloo.  She leaned back in the little ice cave and tried to look provocative.  After waiting in the cold snow, she realized he wasn't coming.

She crawled out and glanced over her shoulder and saw him slip back inside.

Teagan, cursing: D*#&$ it!
Shannon was so happy when she found Dinny alone upstairs.  Apparently he hadn't fallen under her sister's spell.

Shannon, embracing the handsome man:  Would you please impregnate me?

Desdemona, scowling: Oh, get a room!
Shannon, smiling coyly: That sounds like a wonderful idea
Since she knew her bed was currently occupied with sleeping children, Shannon chose to go outside to the igloo.  She followed behind Dinny, staring at his cute butt in front of her.  This was going to be so much fun!
Unfortunately, it seemed that nothing was going to happen.  Dinny was uncapable of performing, no matter how hard Shannon tried.

Dinny: It's not me, it's just... I can hear kids nearby...

*face palm*

Shannon, yelling from the igloo: WHOEVER'S OUT THERE, GET INSIDE!

Erasmus gasped & dropped his cousin Ernin on the ground.  He hurried inside without the toddler.
Dinny: I'm sorry. It's just not going to work.

Shannon stormed from the igloo, huffing indignantly.

Teagan, strolling by to try to drop Ernin off at the boundary line: HA! Trouble sealing the deal?

Shannon chased after Teagan to retrieve her toddler.

Teagan stepped from the shower, surprised to find Dinny in the bathroom. 

Teagan, with a wiggle of her eyebrows: Would you like to join me?

Dinny, shaking his head and covering his ears:  How do you deal with the crying all the time?!
Teagan, in a slightly begging voice: Please... please... I really, really, really want to beat Shannon!
She reached for Dinny just as the bathroom door opened.

Dinny, rearing back: Plumbbob no! I can't... not with... there's kids EVERYWHERE!

Foxglove, rolling her eyes and tapping her foot: This is a bathroom, not a bedroom!

Teagan, shooting her daughter a glare for the interruption: I'll deal with you later!
Teagan scowled as she stalked from the bathroom. 

Dinny could go suck an egg for all she cared!  She had TONS of other baby daddy material!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Chapter 43 - Don't Step on the Baby!

Teagan scowled as she headed into the nursery.
They had remodeled the nursery so that it was a little larger, so hopefully there would be less pile-ups in the hectic child care.
They also got a new kitchen table and chairs so that more in the family could eat at the table together.
The kids & teens room was also enlarged, almost doubled in size.  That enabled them to get more bunkbeds and room to play!

Thank goodness someone checked the mail & discovered all the gifts that the girls had been given!  Shannon had considered keeping a few of the items, but Teagan had scoffed and sold them all.  KA-CHING, she'd trilled.
With all that extra money, Teagan's room was torn down and a large living area was created upstairs.
But now Teagan would be living right across the hall from Shannon..

Hopefully that worked out okay.
Well, crap. Looks like someone forgot to pay the bill.  Kind of embarrassing after such a large remodel.

Teagan couldn't wait until the little brats aged up.  She double-checked to make sure she was teaching the right child to walk.  F for Foxglove & Freddy.  They needed to age up... fast!

Teagan, pulling out her phone: D*#$&! It's about time! Let's get this party started!

Shannon, running on little sleep at this point: Daisy, umpf, your wings! Watch where you're flapping them!
Cruella, smirking smidely: Told you twinkletoes...
Daisy, sighing: I'm so glad I don't live here anymore!

Shannon set up the birthday cakes outside & brought little Freddy out to blow out his candles. 

Shannon, glancing around: Where's Teagan? Shouldn't she be doing this?
Freddy: Probably panting over some guy.

Ah, poor boy learned early.

Teagan, shouting above the crowd: Move it! Get out of the way! Coming through!
She stood in front of the cake in her maternity-wear outerwear.  Big, bulky coat was the only thing that fit right now.

Teagan: Come on, blow the candles out!
Happy Birthday Freddy Kruger & Foxglove!

The race was on for other toddlers to age up...
Shannon: Come on, sweetheart. Take a few more steps towards me! 

Ernin, attempting to toddle: Here I come!

Teagan, plopping Gargamel on the kids potty: There! NOW you can use the big boy potty!

Just remember Teagan - G's... you're on G's....

Now that some of the toddlers were aging up, there were finally more children around the house to help with chores.  Or just stand around the kitchen...
Freddy: Move it, mush-face!

Erasmus: Hey! I'm older than you!

Freddy, sneering: Yeah, but I'm meaner!
Erasmus, checking for an exit: Um, okay.. sorry about that...

Teagan: Yeah, I'm inviting everyone over for a big party. My twerps are way smarter than Shannon's brats!

Oh Teagan, such high praise...

Due to inclement weather, they were forced to have the birthday party inside. Since she was already pregnant, she decided only to invite family members over.  Didn't need Shannon meeting a guy & getting pregnant!

Shannon, clasping her hands happily: Isn't it so nice to see all the family again?
Erasmus: How much longer until we're done with this?

Teagan, snickering: Years, buddy!
Next it was Edgar's turn to blow out his candles.

Edgar: Not so loud in my ear...

Aw, look! I'd forgotten until I saw Edgar Allen Poe grow up that he was Breandan O'Shea's baby!

Desdemona:  Mom, I don't know how much longer I can take living here.   It's always filthy & things are always broken!  This place is driving me crazy!

Teagan, scarfing down cake: Pop out a few babies and then you can complain.
No thank you! Desdemona thought, heading towards the sink to try to fix it. Glancing up, she saw movement out the kitchen window.

Desdemona: Is that a toddler outside in the snow?
Not sure who decided to put Ernin up for sale at the street, but it wasn't funny.

Teagan: Based on sanity, I'd blame Desdemona.
Shannon hurried outside and grabbed poor, cold Ernin. 

Desdemona:  And they always blame me for everything! Just because I'm good doesn't mean I'm perfect!
Foxglove, rolling her eyes: Are you done whining yet?

Wow, Foxglove is one stone, cold chick! Maybe it's the blue hair or the Mithrilen genes...

Daisy: Auntie Teagan. You smell.

Teagan, glaring at the little girl: I'll show you...!
Teagan: UMPF!
Mid-contraction, Teagan apparently began to plot horrible, evil things to do to her poor niece.  Run Daisy! Run!

Callum, covering his ears and closing his eyes: I can't TAKE it anymore!
Callum decides to get out of the house and escapes to the library to read a book his school teacher gave him.

Teagan: Hey kid, get over here and take this baby to the nursery!

Dahlia: Auntie Teagan, I'm not a teenager yet! I can't do it!
Teagan, rolling her eyes: Everyone's got an excuse!  

She headed to the nursery with... she glanced at the wrist cuff... this one was a little girl, Jezebel MacAnna.
Then she came back to the other little girl, Jinx.
Teagan, shrieking: DON'T STEP ON THE BABY!

Diablo, reeling back, lifting his foot up: Oh man! I didn't see him down there!

Teagan: IDIOT! Take your little brother to the nursery!

Diablo: What's his name?

Teagan:  Jaberwocky.

Callum! What happened to reading that book? Did you read it at all?!

Callum, glancing up from the computer guiltily: Umm... yeah... no.

Time to go home, slacker.
Callum slammed the door shut and frowned when he heard at least 5 toddlers crying in the nursery.

Callum: I hate my life.