Thursday, December 31, 2015

Chapter 28 - Who's the Dum-Dum?

Abigaile, politely: Where did our usual bus driver go?

Bus Driver:  Retired finally.  She warned me about you guys, though. Got a big family, huh?

Atomic: You don't know the half of it!

Shannon hurried from crib to crib trying to quickly soothe, feed & change all the newborns diapers.  There were 6 newborns again and it was a struggle to care for them all! And with Teagan pregnant again, she knew there would be MORE soon. 

Shannon: I never thought I'd say this, but I hope Teagan finishes teaching Chaos his toddler skills soon!

Teagan: Come on you stupid idiot. Cruella can talk and walk now. Look! That's how you walk.

Cruella: Chaos is a dum-dum.

Chaos: Nuh uh! I'm not a dum-dum! You're a dum-dum!

Teagan: When you learn to walk you can call her a dum-dum. Until then, you're the dum-dum.
A few hours later...

Chaos, triumphantly:  CRUELLA'S A DUM-DUM!

Teagan: Oh thank the plumbbob. I thought you'd never get it!

Teagan wasted no time planning her party.  She invited Fintan, of course.  She couldn't wait to show him her baby bump.  She hoped he wasn't still mad at her.

Ainthe, coldly: So you are Teagan, I suppose.
Teagan, glancing up sharply: Who the hell are you?

Ainthe: Fintan's wife.  He told me all about you and your ridiculous challenge.  And believe me, once those babies are born, they will not be raised in this... *looking around* peasants' shack...

Teagan, fiercely: Oh yes they will!

Aw, it's so nice to see Teagan's protective maternal side!

Teagan: If I give birth to these runts, they are going to count towards my total! I'm not wasting any points! 

Teagan: Come on, Cruella and Chaos. Blow the candles out. Let's get this over with so that witch can leave.

Shannon, holding Chaos: Happy Birthday, sweethearts! Today is the start of your childhood adventure!

Atomic: Enjoy it while you can.

Chaos: Ouch! Quit blowing that thing in my ear! It hurts!

Breanna: Happy birthday, Cruella.
Cruella, angrily spewing: Shut up! Why are you talking to me? Your wings are so dumb! Your clothes are stupid! You're such a dum-dum!
Breanna, taken a back: What is wrong with you?

Alaina, whispering to Abigaile: Do you see her? She's just making a show of being all into babies because she's trying to get Alasdair's attention.

Abigaile, gasping: Do you think so? I thought she came home with Atomic.

Alaina, nodding: Atomic doesn't even acknowledge her. I saw her in the kitchen talking to Alasdair and she went all gooey-eyed.
Alaina confronted Morrigan O'Reilly angrily: You're not going to impress Alasdair by fawning over the babies. That's dumb.

Morrigan, taken aback: She was crying. I was only trying to help.

Alaina, rolling her eyes:  Not a she. That was totally a he. UGH! 
Morrigan: I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to intrude...

Alasdair, cutting in quickly: You're not. Don't listen to Alaina. She's a bit dramatic...

Alaina: I am NOT!

Alasdair, under his breath: Beat it, Alaina...

Morning came and Teagan let the two toddlers out of their cribs. 
Fiery Diablo...
...and the adorable & sweet Desdemona.

Shannon, glancing down: Where did that puddle come from?
Shannon: Omigod, Teagan! You're in labor!

Teagan: Oh, stuff it, princess. I've done this a million times. I know when I'm in labor and when...
Teagan, doubling over: ...oof... I'm in labor!
Not really sure if it's kosher to bring your child with you to meet their new half-siblings, Fintan...

Fintan, shouting: They're an ABOMINATION! They're not MITHRILENS! You've tricked me, you scalliwag! Get them out of my sight!

Teagan: Well, at least the jerk's not going to fight me for you.  *squinting* I don't know what he's yelling about.  So, you're not blue! 

There is sweet little Fintan MacAnna....
...and his sister, Foxglove MacAnna.

Teagan:  11
Shannon: 7

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Chapter 27 - Raised in a Barn!

Fintan, bragging slightly: Last night was amazing. I'm sure we successfully impregnated you this time.

Teagan nodded, distracted by his chiseled physique.

Teagan: You should walk around naked more often.
Fintan: For you, my love...

Atomic, grumpily: They're doing it again, I can tell.

Azriel, reaching to cover his ears: Ugh. Don't even say it! The bed squeaked all night long!

Making matters worse, Fintan didn't leave first thing in the morning.  Atomic wasn't used to his mother's men overstaying their welcome.

Atomic, snottily: Excuse me.  You're in my way.
Fintan, cold fixing the teen with a glare: For your mother's sake I will let that pass.  But you do not want to cross me.

Atomic, mocking Fintan under his breath:  You do not want to cross me.. blah.. blah.. blah..

At least he wasn't in his underwear, Atomic. That would've been way worse...

Atomic: Doubtful.

Thankfully, it happened to be Leisure Day & all the teens rolled the want to throw a pool party.  So, Alasdair threw a pool party at the Abandoned Grotto.  All teens welcome.
It was going to be an awesome holiday!
Breanna overheard Enya Gallagher complaining about the cold, so she decided to help out a little bit.
Enya:  So.... cold....
 As Azriel was getting reaquainted with his girlfriend...
Atomic was making headway with Nora Lawless. 
Blaze decided to skip the pool party and went snorkeling in the seawater nearby. 
Brody tried to catch some fish in the pool, laughing every time his string snared an unsuspecting swimmer.

Alasdair: Brody, I said to knock it off!
Alaina just spent as much time as she could sunbathing.

Alaina, drowsily: Feels heavenly...

At home, Teagan spent all her time trying to teach the dummy Chaos how to walk.  It was all his fault the twins couldn't age up with Shannon's brats.  He really was stupid
Finally he learned!  Now to move on to the next phase of her plan!
And some other plans came to fruition.

Teagan: We're having a baby, Fintan!

Fintan: Excellent! I knew I could get your pregnant! We Mithrilen men are very fertile.

Night came and all the kids came home from the pool - tired, hungry & desperately needing to use the bathroom.  There are 8 kids and 2 bathrooms.
Cruella, snickering: You went pee pee in your underwear!
Brody: I gotta go pee bad, Alasdair...

Alasdair: Oh man... can't hold it...

Atomic: Ha ha! You wet yourself like a baby....
Atomic, mortified: Oh crap.
Brody, squeezing his eyes shut: Okay. I'll pee here, too.  Is that how boys do it?
Alaina: Oh my PLUMBBOB, my LIFE is over!
Oh come on, Breanna, you couldn't even make it to the toilet inches in front of you?!

Breanna, quietly: Sooorry!
Fintan, silently raging at the assault on his nostrils: This house reeks of pee! Were these children raised in a barn?!
Abigaile, coming out of the bathroom:  Not me. I used the restroom like a proper lady should.

But did you wash your hands?

Abaigale, cringing: No, I forgot.

Fintan stormed outside and confronted Teagan.
Fintan, ranting: Every single one of those children are animals! And if you think I'm going to let my unborn child be raised in this... this... filth... then you have another thing coming. That child is a Mithrilen! I have standards!!
Teagan's mouth dropped open: Fintan...

She wasn't even sure where this was coming from. What the hell did the kids do anyways?
Just then a police cruiser pulled to a stop in front of the house.  Out came Blaze, sheepishly smiling.

Officer: Ma'am, your teenager is out past curfew.  The curfew is in place for everyone's safety, but especially your child's. Who knows what mischief teenagers would get up to if not for the curfew!

Fintan, scoffing under his breath as the officer pulled away: ANIMALS!
Teagan turned towards Blaze, zeroing in on the child in front of her as a convenient scape goat.

Teagan, gritting her teeth:  What. Did. You. Do?!

Blaze, shrugging with embarrassment: I had to stop off to take a leak...

Teagan: 9
Shannon: 7