Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Chapter 1 - Getting to Know You

First things first, I prep the girls for the challenge.  They're told to quit their jobs, their ages are reset, they get makeovers & some of their personalities are slightly altered.
Shannon MacAnna has always been Good, Friendly, Brave, Family-Oriented, Genius.  She is sweet, kind and loving to a fault.  She loves Classical Music, Fruit Parfait, & the color White.  She is an Aries & her LTW is to be a Dynamic DNA Profiler.
Teagan MacAnna is the polar-opposite of her syrupy-sweet sister.  She is  Evil, Flirty, Inappropriate, Dislikes Children, Genius.  She likes Electronica, Cobbler, & the color Red.  She is also an Aries & her LTW is to be the Emperor of Evil.

Now, off to the park to meet some targets... men...
Teagan:  Shouldn't you return this cop car since you just quit?

Shannon, shrugging:  They didn't ask for it back...  (So much for the good trait!)
Shannon:  Well, the place looks pretty empty.
 The girls sit down to play a game of chess together.

Shannon:  I'm not falling for that trick again, Teagan. You always move pieces when I look away!
Teagan, glancing across the park:  Whatever, I see someone to talk to anyway.
Teagan: Robin Hooley, nice to see you around!

Teagan made small-talk as she waited for the opportunity to strike.
Teagan: You seeing anyone?
Robin: I'm married... happily!

Well, that didn't go over well.  
Shannon, you're going to have to make an effort.  There's someone sitting right behind you.

Shannon, glancing behind her:  I'd rather just play chess...
Robin Hooley was just so annoying and honorable, refusing to flirt.  After Teagan asked if he was single & tried to compliment him, he got very irritated and took everything she said the wrong way.

Teagan:  All I did was tell him my plans for taking over the world!

I can see that went well.

Teagan, glaring over her shoulder:  He'll be the one I crush first... 
Apparently there was nothing else to do today...

Robin Hooley:  This is a riveting game of chess!  I wonder who will win?

Teagan, bored & checking her nails:  Knight to E6 & checkmate...
Martin Eames:  Thanks. I was about to lose! 

Teagan, shrugging:  No big deal.

And thus begins Teagan's rapid-fire inquisition about Martin's work history, love life & hopes and dreams.  
 Shannon, seriously. Quit playing chess and go introduce yourself!

 Shannon: If you insist...
Shannon: I often find playing chess is a quite relaxing past time...

Connor O'Reilly:  What's this dame talking about anyways?
Shannon:  I was just remarking on how relaxing it is to play chess.  Do you know your IQ score?

Sorry Shannon.  If it's any consolation, it's not going too well for your sister, either.
Teagan:  Come on and give me a kiss!

 Martin, pulling away:  I'm married! Happily! What are you? Crazy?!
Teagan turned her sights to someone easier to impress.  Ah, a paparazzi!

Teagan:  Hi, you're not married are you?

Teague, laughing:  Of course not.  Why do you ask?

Teagan:  Phew! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a single man!
Oh, get a room you guys.  You're making me sick!
 Shannon spotted someone across the park and left the older men by the chess table.
Shannon, breathlessly:   Hello! It's nice to meet a fellow police officer!  You know, you might not believe this, but up until today, I was actually in the field!

Adrian Black:  Nice to meet you, ma'am.

Shannon:  So, tell me more about yourself...

Good job Shannon!
Teagan:  Your husband is super handsome, like crazy sexy cool.  I'm sure you already knew that. I mean, you married him!

Teagan reached in the Hooley's basket and pulled out a hamburger. 
Teagan: Yum, I hope you don't mind.

Robin: Excuse me, I'm trying to have a romantic dinner with my wife...
The girls were hungry & needed to use the ladies room, so they headed home.

Teagan:   I bet you didn't get as many phone numbers as I did.

Shannon, smiling secretly: No, probably not.

Teagan:  What? Why aren't you upset? I'm beating you!
Shannon, still smiling:  I'll see you in the morning.

Teagan followed Shannon inside.

Teagan:   Whatever, play your mind games. I'm totally beating you.  I've got 4 or 5 guys on the hook.  I saw you talking to those old dudes!
 The girls went up the stairs leading to their private rooms. 
Both fell asleep, wondering if they'd perhaps met their first baby daddy today...


  1. A 100 baby challenge? I don't think I've even heard about that before! I've got to go and look up the rules now :)

    Teagan and Shannon are very fun to watch so far! It's nice seeing Shannon again - she was so sweet in your wishacy. And now she'll get to live another life. This should be interesting!

    1. Oh, cool that you have them right here on the blog :D I know you're making it a contest, but it still sounds really challenging!

    2. I've always wanted to do a 100-baby challenge - but 100 babies scare me. But, I love playing with the genetics in Dragon Valley!

      I <3 Shannon!

      (And Teagan grows on you... like mold!)

  2. Shannon, you evily-kind witch. But anyways, so this is kinda like a 200 baby challenge XD good luck...