Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chapter 16 - Everybody Party!

The cakes were laid out in the kitchen & pretty balloons bought for Teagan's kiddos aging up.   Azriel & Atomic were about to become children & Blaze was going to become a toddler!

9 in the morning, guests started pouring in.
Teagan: Let's get this show on the road. Blow the candles out, Azriel.

Azriel: FIRE!
Really? Seriously?
Oh for the love of plumbbob....

Shannon:  What did you do?!
Teagan: Oh? And this is MY fault somehow, I suppose?!
Shannon grabbed a fire extinguisher and began putting out the flames with Martin Eames.

Teagan, glaring at Adrian Black: Who the hell invited you? 

Adrian, recoiling in fear: Oh plumbbob, I should've known better than to come to one of your parties!
Thomas O'Sullivan, firefighter extraordinaire: Oh plumbob! Oh plumbbob! Nobody panic! It's just a fire.

Thomas, you look like you're panicking.

Shannon, wiping sweat from her brow:  Don't worry everyone, it's out.
Martin, clapping happily:  We did it! We put the fire out!

Seriously, I have no clue why he started happily clapping. My birthday party is ruined.
Little late on the draw there, Michael.  You should see a doctor for that....
Oh... I see... alright... thanks
Shannon:  I am beginning to hate this challenge.

You & me both.
Late Lady Firefighter: Wow, you guys are really lucky Thomas was here to help put out the fire.


Let's just skip to the aging without candles....

Blaze happily becomes a toddler...
Atomic, the Evil Genius, becomes a child.
And Azriel, the Neurotic Genius, follows suit.

Teagan's kitchenette becomes the children's bedroom.  It has a side for both good & evil children. :)

And Shannon's kitchenette becomes an all-purpose kitchen/livingroom.

Azriel, gathering plates to wash:  We've got the raw end of this deal.  I think we're going to be the ones responsible for cleaning around the house now.

Atomic: We could just blow up the dirty dishes and buy new ones.

Azriel, shooting Atomic a worried glance: No fires, Atomic.
Teagan: Shannon, quit sleeping on the job. I need help taking care of these newborns!
Atomic, sharing his diabolical plot with his mother: You know, I was thinking about it, and we could probably sell the babies on the side of the road.  I'm sure someone would love to have a baby.  Think of the money we could make!

Teagan, shaking her head:  Won't work. It's against the law to sell babies. 

Atomic, shrugging:  Well, it was worth a shot.
Teagan: Keep up the good work, kid.  Now scram and get to bed. You have school in the morning.

Teagan: 5
Shannon: 5

Chapter 15 - Quit Breathing Down My Neck!

Teagan, groggily waking up:  $@&%!
Shannon, blinking in confusion:  Why was I on the floor?

You guys both crashed at the same time.  I think we should just be thankful you didn't fall on poor little Abigaile!
Shannon, gasping: Oh no! Abigaile!

Nope Shannon. That's completely your fault.  You almost peed on Abigaile...

Abigaile: Don't worry mama.  Accidents happen!
Shannon, blushing in embarrassment, proceeded to teach her daughter the correct way to use the restroom.

Teagan, desperately trying to teach Azriel to talk:  Would you just say 'explosion'.  You're not stupid are you?

Azriel shook his head frantically.

Teagan, with zero patience: Then SAY it!

Azriel: Egg-Potion!

Teagan, sighing: Close enough. Where's your brother?
Teagan: Look, if you would just fricking repeat after me, we wouldn't have to keep doing these stupid lessons!

Atomic glanced down at his toes.

Teagan, starting to lose her cool: I only have a finite time before I crash out again. Is that what you want? Do you want me to pass out on the floor?
Atomic:  No...

Teagan, lurching to her feet:  I told you to stay out of it already Cruella! You don't know what you're talking about.

Teagan, perhaps it's time for a nap again...
Not like that...

Is it just me or is the mail lady sending dirty looks towards the house?  She must have seen all the Final Notices in the mail...

After a relatively short nap, Shannon is ready to start painting again to earn some money.
Shannon: I chose a small canvas so that I can hopefully finish it before I need to sleep again.
Yay! You did it!  You have the money to pay the bills!  Go sleep another 30 minutes! I'm proud of you, Shannon!

Oh for the love of plumbbob... we're drowning in a sea of BABIES!  I can't take it anymore!  One maxmotives later...

Shannon, teaching Alasdair to talk:  Say mama! Mama!

Teagan, teaching Azriel to walk: Come on, you can walk to me.  Just two steps more...

Shannon, glancing up:  Have you noticed what a calmer morning it is today?

Teagan, laughing in agreement: For sure! I don't know why we've been so stressed out lately!

Oh crap.

Teagan: Why the hell is the repo-woman coming? I thought you said you'd finished your stupid painting, so we had enough money for the bills.
Shannon, nibbling her fingers:  I did!

Teagan:  You did pay the bills, didn't you?

Shannon:  I... thought... I did... But I don't remember!

Teagan, shrugging: Oh well, they went in your room. Whatever.
Shannon burst into her room just in time to see her lovely mirror taken.
Shannon:  Please! This is just a misunderstanding! I have the money! I just forgot to put it in the mail!
Repo-woman:  That's what they all say, lady. 
Shannon:  NOOOO!!!!
Repo-woman:  Quit breathing down my neck!  I need some space to do my job!

After pleading to no avail, Shannon headed back downstairs to train her toddlers. She'd just have to chalk this one up to a learned lesson.  When you earn the money to pay your bills, you needed to actually pay your bills.

Teagan: Oh come on, Azriel.  Use your diaper.  We've got to finish teaching you to walk!

Azriel: One minute, Mom.  I'm waiting in line.

Teagan: Don't call me Mom. 
And there was quite a line for the potty chair when all the toddlers decided they needed to go at the same time...
Teagan, determinedly teaching Azriel to walk:  Come on, two more steps and then you can age up.  You can do it!

Ew, you're teaching him to walk in a puddle of potty...

Teagan: He's got shoes on, doesn't he? He's fine! Come on, Azriel... two more steps!
And, ladies and gentleman, he did it!  Azriel & Atomic both learned to walk, talk & use the big boy potty.  We are having a PAR-TAY...

...tomorrow morning... 

Teagan:  5
Shannon:  5